Granite Chicago

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Granite Chicago

Granite Chicago

Granite countertops can make excellent additions to any kitchen regardless of whether you have a modern, minimalist, or country kitchen. Chicago countertops come in a wide range of colors and patterns, which offers homeowners many options when designing the elements. Granite can create a shiny or matte look and everything in between. In addition, granite countertops have many edge options, including bullnose, square, and rough. A considerable benefit of granite is it is a naturally occurring stone available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and characters; it is almost impossible to replicate the look of granite. Nevertheless, it is essential to choose the best counters in Chicago, IL, for your kitchen. Consider several factors when buying granite countertops to help you in your decision-making.

The Seams

Unlike other countertop materials, the best stone countertops for sale in Chicago, Illinois, cannot be formed or poured into place; they must be cut. Therefore, consider working with a professional granite installer to ensure your countertop is as seamless as possible. Installing granite countertops in Chicago is not an easy process. It involves measuring and cutting the stone to fit and installing the granite with precision and attention to detail.

Talk to your countertop fabricators to find out the seam location, visibility, and special considerations to keep in mind. Although the finished countertop may have some seams, professional installers work to minimize the number of seams on your countertop. This may involve using special machines such as suction automated machines to secure the granite in place and ensure the seams, if any, are unobtrusive as possible.

Granite Does Not Withstand Abuse

Granite is durable making it an excellent work surface. This is one of the reasons for its popularity in many homes. However, it is not an all-purpose countertop surface. Just because granite is strong and durable does not mean that you should subject it to all sorts of abuse.

Although granite provides an excellent work surface for rolling out dough, avoid cutting vegetables on it. Instead, use a chopping board. This is not just for protecting your beautiful countertops but your knives. Granite is extremely hard and durable; it can dull your knife. Also, avoid putting hot kitchenware on your granite countertops. Extreme temperature changes could cause your granite countertops to become dull or develop cracks. Use a potholder or trivet between the granite countertops and hot kitchenware.

Granite Can Break

Contrary to the common misconception, granite can break when subjected to extreme force or weight. This natural stone is not indestructible; it can chip, crack, and break with the right conditions. Therefore, protect your granite countertops with regular sealing, polishing, and cleaning.


It is essential to clean your granite countertops if you want to maintain their look and durability. This natural stone can serve you for long if you take good care of it. Research about the care requirements of granite countertops before buying one.


Consider your room's color scheme when buying granite countertops. You do not want your natural stone to look out of place in your room. Choose granite countertop colors that complement your room.

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