Santa Barbara Plumber

As a homeowner in Santa Barbara, we all know that plumbing can quickly turn into a nightmare. For instance, if you discover a leaking pipe in your house, it’s vital to hire a competent Santa Barbara Plumber. With so many plumbing companies out there, choosing the right plumber in Santa Barbara can be challenging. To vet your options, we’ve put together these tips for choosing a professional plumbing company in Santa Barbara, California.

Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

Asking friends and family for a recommendation based on personal experience is one of the best ways to choose a plumber in Santa Barbara. Your loved one should be able to recommend a Plumber in Santa Barbara for you. However, it’s best to double-check the plumber credentials even though someone close to you has had a good experience with the plumber.

Carefully Check the Plumber’s Reviews

You can turn to online reviews if you don’t have someone who can recommend a great plumber to you. To make sure you’re in the right direction, you can check the number of stars the plumbing company has. Start by checking the BBB rating. You can also check Google, Yelp, Yellowpage, and many other reliable review sites. Keep in mind that reviews are often manipulated. Some plumbers may want to hide low ratings, and there are some situations where competitors leave fake negative reviews to upset their rival’s good rating. Therefore, try to read many reviews and figure out whether they are genuine.

Verify the Plumber Certification and License

The Santa Barbara plumber you will choose should be licensed and certified. All California Plumbers are required to be licensed and certified before they can work on your systems. Don’t just assume a plumber is licensed or certified. Make sure you find out the company’s or individual’s credentials and license before you hire.

Verify the Plumber Insurance

If the Santa Barbara plumber you choose isn’t insured and bonded, you may end up dealing with a lot of headaches. For instance, an uninsured plumber can make an error, flood your home, or get injured and sue you for damages. When you choose an insured and bonded Santa Barbara Plumber, you will get compensated for any damages to your property and cover any injury they sustain when working on your property. 

Check the Plumber Warranties

Warranty is necessary when undergoing a plumbing project. Ask plumbing companies if they offer an extensive warranty on their job. The best plumbers typically provide a warranty on the work they perform. This will save you a lot of money. A professional plumbing company that offers a warranty shows that they stand behind their work.

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If you need a reliable plumber that you can trust, count on Drain Pros. We’ve got a great staff in Santa Barbara that services California and the surrounding area for all your plumbing needs. We invite you to give us a call at 805-285-3845 to get a quote for your next plumbing job.