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Gutters protect your basement and siding from water damage. It also protects the landscape around your home from erosion or flooding. The harvested water is suitable for use around the home or garden. Almost all homes need a gutter system. Only those with sharply peaking roofs are an exception.

For every new gutter installation in Westmont, there are two basic types to choose from;

Half-round– These resemble a sectioned tube and have a more traditional aesthetic. The open trough-like design is very effective in carrying water away. However, it also exposes the troughs to debris, but installing leaf guards can solve this. Their curvature means there is only light contact with the fascia boards, and brackets are needed to reinforce their position.

K-style gutters- This relatively modern style allows the gutter to be nailed into the fascia. The absence of brackets results in a cleaner look, making them more decorative. They are straighter and have sides that angle outwards, enabling them to channel more water. They are ideal for places with heavy rain. They are harder to clean, and their inner angles can store debris that later decomposes.

Custom fascia gutters– These Westmont IL gutters are custom built for each home using aluminum. They feature an uninterrupted design as they are built as one long stretch and not in sections. Unfortunately, they are costly and require professional installation.

Gutter materials

Wood was once the material of choice for gutters, but it is a practice that has been long abandoned. Metal and vinyl are now the materials of choice, thanks to their desirable weathering characteristics and availability.


Vinyl is the lightest and most affordable material for gutters. Vinyl gutters snap together quickly, making them suitable for DIY installation projects. In addition, they are corrosion resistant and paint easily. Their disadvantage is lack of longevity and poor tolerance to the extremes of hot and cold weather. They also crack easily under tension which explains why many Westmont gutter repair projects involving vinyl are the most common.


Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, durable, and available in many colors. Gutters made from aluminum are light in weight, easy to paint, and easy to work with. In addition, they can be made to be seamless for a cleaner design, and they tolerate cold temperatures well. However, they are not as structurally strong as other metals, and their inability to bend means they can break under enough tension.

Stainless Steel

Homeowners looking for gutter replacement in Westmont can confide in stainless steel gutters. They are durable and rust-resistant and will outlast both vinyl and aluminum, explaining why they are priced higher. However, they are heavier and will require more structural support.


Zinc gutters are beautiful, and the more they age, the more aesthetic they become. Still, they require professional installation as they must be welded together. They are costly and are primarily used in high-end homes. They are corroded by salt, making them unsuitable for beach homes.


Copper, like zinc, ages well, but it is more durable as it can withstand all types of weather. Expertly installed copper gutters can last a century. But, unsurprisingly, they are the most expensive of all gutter types.

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