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The painter you choose can make or break your business or home value. You would want to work with a professional who knows how to execute professional prep work and pays close attention to details. You should also have a painter who can protect your belongings and avoid paint lines, splatters, streaks, and other painting messes.

How an interior painter preps the task

Paint choice

The painter should have an acute understanding of the chosen paint brand. They should be able to explain why they want certain paints and make sure that each chosen type offers the best quality. Consider asking them the variation of color according to price and quality and opt for one that does not sacrifice quality for the cost.

Applying the primer

The undercoat serves two primary purposes:

  • Helping to bind the finishing coat to the surface
  • Sealing the substrate to prevent the chemical reaction in the substrate from shifting and interfering with the finish coat

Interior painters in Lima OH understand that each surface requires a specialty primer. The primer you apply on metal may be too thin for a wooden surface. Fitzgerald picks the best primer choice because we have twenty-five years of experience in painting. Our BBB accreditations are proof of our professionalism and painting strategies. Call us to begin trustworthy working cooperation that will give you an A+ result.

Preparation of paint

This stage is arguably the most critical one for painting projects. The wrong steps could compromise the integrity of the entire project and result in peeling right after the completion of the job. An in-depth preparation process typically involves the following procedures:

  • An estimate of the project
  • Washing the walls to remove dirt
  • Using a scraper to remove loose paint and smooth out rough surfaces
  • Sanding glossy surfaces
  • Applying treatment to cracks, joints, and holes

Picking the color

The painter has enough experience to help you choose a color that will complement your space. Dark colors make a room small while light colors open up space. Test the color schemes by comparing your area to past portfolios of the painter.

Interior painters in Lima OH keep a stack of portfolios from previous works. You could find a living space or office interior that likens your idealized plan. Use high-quality pictures to project the space’s outlook by looking for clean-cut lines in corners with different color meetings.

Test each sample with a small can of paint and observe how it reacts to different daylight settings. You may find out that the bright orange paint may not be flattering and comfortable with your nighttime lighting. Alternatively, try a neutral color if you do not find a previous application to guide your choices.

Decide on the finish

There are two major surface finishes – matte and sheen. Sheen performs well in high traffic areas because it does not accumulate excess dirt and is exceedingly easy to clean. The only difficulty of a sheen finish is that it makes imperfections stand out. Matte finish looks better, but they are not as durable as glossy and satin finishes.



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