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Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design St Louis

The kitchen is a tricky space to renovate. It involves including kitchen parts such as the fridge, cooker, chimney, cabinet, and sinks. You may end up with a smaller floor space than you originally planned. Expanding the area is an expensive procedure that involves carving out all the aforementioned mandatory spaces.

One way of going around the tricky bits of kitchen renovation is to consider a mid-century modern kitchen design. The model has updated finishes, appliances, and adequate storage with efficient and minimalistic layouts.

Things to consider when creating a mid century modern kitchen design in St Louis

An open floor plan

Designers of this plan took down all the unnecessary walls to create free aerial space. These visual barriers are neither aesthetic nor conveniently functional. A midcentury kitchen style is especially a favorite for small apartments that do not wish to sacrifice the available space. In case bringing down the walls is an expensive endeavor, you should remove unnecessary additions such as furniture and bookshelves.

Open shelf plan

Another minimalistic open plan includes creating an illusion of more air. You will have greater luck if you are at a young construction age or have yet to purchase a building plan. Invest in tall ceilings, wall cabinets, and incorporation of open shelves.


Wood was an intimate and mandatory part of mid-century constructions. Pay homage to this old design style by adding wood to various spots of the kitchen. Highlighted aspects will add depth and color to the kitchen’s demeanor.

Do not be afraid to revive the old wood style of the 50s. The color of the wood will play a significant role in setting the tone of the room. Dark-colored wood will ignite sophistication while warm stained wood will add equivalent warmth to the space.


A mid century modern kitchen design in St Louis will not come together in one night. You have to feel out the proper vintage feeling for the kitchen. This will give you an insight into the type of art that will have the right mix of antiquity and homeliness.

Begin the styling by selecting the wallpaper or paint. These addons should complement a part of the kitchen, such as the floor. If you have to add furniture, ensure that you pick out retro pieces from the mid-century section of the furniture store.

Focus on finding a central piece and building the design concept around it. You will be able to create a coordinating style of appliances, dishes, and adornment. It would be an odd wonder to have a perfectly styled mid-century home with techy looking cutlery and napkins.


There are endless options in choosing lighting fixtures. The pendant piece will by eye-catching and passé at the same time. Experiment with different styles of lighting before settling in a particular manner, light intensity, and color tone.

Floating installations

The regular kitchen design involves placing a window immediately above the sink. Modern Kitchen and Baths will space out the room by separating the two with a small-sized window. The entire layout of a mid-century involves spacing out the room with lesser resources and illusions.




Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design St Louis

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