Minnesota Construction Management

The construction industry is one of the most advanced in recent years. Projects are increasingly complex and demanding. This is why traditional construction systems have become insufficient today. If you are an owner or developer and you are about to make a contract, it is likely that you will need highly qualified personnel to assist you in the management of the building from its planning to its completion. In this case, construction management can become your great ally.

What Is Construction Management?

Construction management is the efficient administration of resources (human, material, time) in the execution of a building project. This management is carried out by highly qualified personnel who can take control of the project and take it to a successful conclusion. These are the primary functions of construction management:

  1. Before starting work
    1. An initial audit of the project
    2. Assistance in the design of the building
    3. Award of sub-contracts
    4. Planning
    5. Elaboration of budgets
    6. Economic and time control of the construction
  2. During the building process
    1. The direction of the execution
    2. Coordination of technicians and sub-contractors involved
    3. Administrative-technical management with town authorities, and supply companies
    4. Follow-up of the construction
    5. Quality control of the building
    6. License and delivery of the built property

Besides, the construction manager shall periodically present a progress status to the owner or developer of the construction in progress so that the objectives set out in the construction contract are met. If you are going to carry out construction and want to have the best Minnesota’s construction management contact us, at Randahl Construction Inc we are ready to support you. It is essential that you know the different advantages you will have using a construction management service.

Advantages of Contacting Construction Management

With the traditional construction system, the developer or owner loses the protagonist role of the project during the construction process. With the construction management system, the Developer/Owner recovers the leading role and full decision-making capacity, under the advice of the construction manager.

Also, with the construction management, you will have better control of the expenses in the construction. First of all, the maximum price that the work can reach is established from the beginning of the process through a contract. Secondly, the total cost of the work is reduced by between 5 and 15%. In general, contracts establish an upper limit of the value of the work. This causes the manager to look for the best suppliers of materials and services for the execution of the work, to avoid contractual penalties for exceeding the budget.

Finally, having a construction management company will relieve you of many burdens. For example, in this management system, the responsibilities within the construction site and concerning third parties fall on the manager and his contractors. Also, you will be relieved of having to deal with the various subcontractors. Finally, you will enjoy the convenience of the “turnkey” as the manager is responsible for delivering the project entirely done.

Trust The Experts

If you require the best Minnesota’s construction management for the execution of your next building project, you’re in the right place. Let us assist you, and put our more than 25 years of building project management experience at your service. Our commitment is to support you from the very beginning to the successful completion of construction. Contact us; we will be proud to assist you.

Minnesota Construction Management

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Minnesota Construction Management

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