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Epic Solar Control can offer unsurpassed  window tinting solutions to residential and commercial building owners in Texas at affordable prices. Our goal is to deliver high-quality films to our clients within their budget and help them save money on energy bills long term.

Can I Customize My Commercial Window Film?

Yes, you can choose the type of window tint you desire for your office windows. Your customized window films would not only lure business opportunities to your doorstep but also allow you to be creative by crafting the perfect window tint using a variety of colors, styles, and choices.

You can choose a decorative or ornamental security window film installation in McKinney, design the logo, patterns, frosts, colors, styles, etc., and make your windows showcase your business’s personality and image. We are one of the leading 3M Window tinting and window film services dealer in Texas.

What Causes Window Tinting To Turn Purple And Bubble?

If your window tint turns purple and bubbles, it is probably because of UV rays exposure or the film’s adhesive failing to work effectively. You can avoid this by purchasing a window tint like 3M and hiring a well-trained and experienced window film dealer & installer.

As a pioneer window tinting service in Texas, we offer window film options that utilize a high-temperature adhesive system. All our window films reject up to 99% UV rays and do not fade or bubble.

Choose The Right Window Tinting For Office

The windows in a building are responsible for up to 25% of its energy bills. Installing window tinting for a commercial building can reduce energy bills and improve comfort. Here’s what to consider before choosing a window film:

  1. Purpose – Try to determine what exactly you want the film to do for you. For instance, do you want it to lower the monthly electric bill or improve the security of your building? Knowing the purpose of the window film can help you choose the right kind of tiny.
  2. Darkness – A window tint can be almost transparent or incredibly dark. If your rooms feel dark now, choose a window tint on the lighter side, allowing more natural lighting. Alternatively, if the windows glare excessively and are overly bright, a darker film may be the best choice.
  3. Effect on your building’s exterior – Remember that your window tint not only affects the interior but can change the way your building looks on the outside as well. For instance, dark window tints offer a more sleek and modern appeal. Alternatively, if you have a west or North-facing business or office, choosing a light window tint may be a more viable option as you do not have to worry about bright daylight or your staff suffering from glare.

Download our free ebook by visiting our website today. You may also request a free quote by calling us at 469-577-9933. Epic Solar Control can help you see a dramatic improvement in your building’s utility bills and interior comfort level. Allow our pros handle the installation for you and provide personalized window tinting today.

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