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What Colors Should I Paint a Commercial Building?

I believe that when you’re considering what color to choose to paint the exterior of your commercial building matters a lot more for aesthetics alone. Colors can influence people subconsciously, in fact, there’s an entire field called color psychology based on this phenomenon.

In order to choose the right color for your business, consider the following aspects of how it can affect your customers.

Begin to imagine your customers driving or walking into to your property.

What do you want them to see?

How do you want them to feel?

Or what will they tell someone about your property now color scheme?

How will it be in 10 or 15 years or how do you want it to be?

What property have you been to specifically that make that make you feel the way you want others to feel about your business?

Here at Affinity, we have structured a set of questions and procedures.

After working together with clients just like you for over the past decade, we have developed “How to Strategies” that give you the results you want now.

Colors that Make Sense for Your Brand and Type of Business

It’s not just about choosing a color for your property that reflects your vision for your brand or the area of business you are in.
For example, red is commonly used for restaurants because it stimulates appetite.
Certain tones or tonalities begin to make you feel relax or excited depending on the placement or combination with others colors.
Color psychology isn’t always that simple, though. Cultural differences, context, and personal preferences impact how people perceive color.
Look into these areas before settling on a paint hue.

Why Choose an Accent Color
After you have chosen a color that complements and flows with your property, we can choose an accent color that drives or pops with your vision of your brand.
An accent color can be placed on a certain section of building perhaps a focal point or visible area that will drive recognition and attract the attention you are looking for.
If you want to choose a complementary color as an accent, make sure it meets a few of the criteria as the main color.
The accent color can effectively portray the brand’s personality, what can your customers expect and which emotion you want to leave customers feeling with.
We have so many options and work closely together to find the exact colors you will love.

Get Input From a Professional
You can also ask for the opinion of a professional commercial painter or decorative designers that has painted similar properties like yours.
Decorative designers and professional painting contractors have experience in the industry and are usually knowledgeable about suitable colors that will not only look good but give you the best value and longevity.
Choosing a color to paint the exterior of your business is easy as long as you are clear on why the color is important and how you want others to perceive it.
The right color leads to brand recognition, easy to identify customers because it communicates to their subconscious what to expect from the business.

Thanksgiving Buckets of Love

“These Folks are not just nameless faces, they are our neighbor”

Since 2012 Affinity’s Painting launched the Buckets of Love campaign to help feed families in the community during Thanksgiving. What started with 120 paint buckets filled to the brim with a turkey and all the timings has now grown thanks to our projects and contribution from our communities. As of 2015 Affinity Painting has provided over 3,000 Thanksgiving dinners to your communities.

“To us, as a painting contractor, the “bucket” signifies many things – a stool when taking a break, a lunch pail for lugging around our lunch while at a jobsite, a step ladder for those hard to reach places, a bucket to mix our paint and carry our tools. It’s the single most important item for us which is the reason why we use it to warm many hearts.”–Albert Abad Co-Founder, Affinity Painting Inc

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Three Decorative Paint Finishes to Beautify Your Home

Decorative paint is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to add more visual interest and aesthetic feel to your living spaces.

While a basic application can spruce up any space, there are several decorative techniques that can take the look to the next level.

Careful using of one of these finishes provides a pop of color and texture. Consider one of these finishing techniques for different spaces in your home.

Rag Rolling

The rag rolling technique results in a translucent textured, mottled look instead of a solid blanket of color on a wall.

With rag rolling, we use a specialty rag roller in combination with med weight cotton cloth that is cut and shaped.

When the cotton is pounce it will produce the look of a traditional rag blotting technique.

After applying a base coat of paint, we apply a glaze that is kept wet so the use the rag roller and cotton rags can remove the excess glaze.

Resulting in textures, that can be left heavy or a soft.

Rag rolling is a beautiful choice for an entryway, bathroom or four-season sun room.


A Tuscany style of painting involves applying two coordinating colors of paint to create an aged look that mimics Tuscan architecture.

Our experienced painters do this by applying a warm-hued base coat to the wall. We then prepare a glaze mix that combines a clear glaze with a paint shade that is slightly darker than the base coat.

The dried base coat is lightly misted with water, and our painters then apply the glaze using a scrubbing motion for a one-of-a-kind finish.

This effect is beautiful for light-filled spaces such as a kitchen, hallways or a master suite.



What is Antiquing? Just like it sounds it is a faux distressing finish that makes something new look like it’s old.

This technique is often used on furniture and small decorative items or trims, but it also works well for other parts of your home, such as a built-in bookshelf, fireplace mantle, crown moldings or decorative doors. Antiquing also delivers a powerful visual effect when it’s done on a single wall of a room.

Our painters perform the antiquing technique by applying glaze, sanding, waxing and flecking additional paint.

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